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401k Tools to Help You and Your Employees Retire On Their Own Terms Thumbnail

401k Tools to Help You and Your Employees Retire On Their Own Terms

I have a financial firm in Chattanooga that helps individuals and families across the southeast retire on their own terms. To retire on your own terms, you need to have a clarity around your vision, values, and goals. The role of a valued advisor to help you with this, what I call the planning horizon, or “your what and why.”

After you know your what and why, you need tools that make it easy to implement and monitor so you can have confidence in your progress. One of the most valuable tools to retiring own you own terms is an employer 401k plan. Voya has great technology to help you and employees implement and monitor an investment plan that can put you on the right track.

Below are the screenshots of the Voya 401k portal that I feel will give you one of the best monitoring tools.

This is the first screen. employee will enter their age, income, current monthly savings, and how much they have saved for their retirement. Then the system will show them if they are on track and the increase in saving and or rate of return to put them on track.


As you can see from the screen shot below, the changes in savings and projected return are calculated based on an asset allocation to put the employee on track. After the changes are made the employee simply hits the blue “Make Changes Now”.

 The next screen lets the employee know that the increase is allowed with the plan. If the employee  clicks the “I like it, Let’s Do It” button, the changes will be made. 

The system documents the changes. If you have a payroll system that has 360 integration, then the new payroll deduction will be changed automatically. 

 The screen below is of the investment selection process. From the first screen you will see that for employees to remain on track, they will need to have an investment allocation that will give them a probability of reaching a 7% return. The modules below will help employees quickly make their investment decisions. 

 I would like to walk you through a demonstration of this technology to see it could be a good fit for your company. If you choose to have me as the financial advisor for your retirement plan, I will also give you and you employees the opportunity to utilize   my “Wealth Creation Process” so they have more confidence about their financial future. My goal in this process is to help you and your employees to retire on your own terms. Does your current advisor help you answer these 3 concerns about retirement?

  1. How to pay for it
  2. How to use it properly
  3. How to insure it happens along the way

 I would like to help your employees have the confidence they are on track for retirement. Call today or fill out the contact form below to see if we would be a good fit for you and your company culture.