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25 to Thive

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Do you Need a Will or a Trust and what is the difference

Interview with Nancy Cogar

Nancy Coger is an attorney in Chattanooga who joined George Vieth's podcast, "25 to Thrive," to discuss the importance of having an attorney around your planning table. Nancy believes that it is important for individuals to understand their risks and protect their assets, family and legacy from potential landmines such as accidents, illness, financial troubles or unexpected deaths. Nancy's ideal client is proactive and wants to be intentional about their future regardless of the amount of assets they have. Knowing a client's values is essential in order to create the best roadmap for protecting them and ensuring that what they want happens with their belongings when they are gone. Having a will is essential for protecting your family and your assets, but it's also important to understand the differences between a will and a trust. A will comes into effect after you pass away, while trusts can be used for asset planning or special needs provision. It's recommended that wills and trusts are reviewed regularly in order to ensure that they are up-to-date with current circumstances. To contact Nancy call (423) 892-2006 or email nancy@sampleslaw.com

Nancy Coger is not affiliated or registered with Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, For a comprehensive review of your personal situation, always consult your legal advisor. Neither Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, nor any of its representatives may give legal advice.